INFLUENCER MARKETING: Why You Don't Need 100k Followers to Be an Effective Brand Partner


If you’ve been hiding under a rock and you don’t know what “Influencer Marketing” is – let me get you up to speed. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing which focuses on specific key individuals (or types of individuals) rather than a target market as a whole.


People are tired of ads, especially millennials! They are turning to online streaming to take in the content without the paid advertisements. If you’re a business you might think it’s now more challenging to connect with your target market, it’s not. Thanks to the powerful tool we all have, the cell phone aka - the remote control of our society it’s easier than ever to connect and share your content with millions.


But first, you must create content. This is where you insert the Influencer. The key to all of your marketing prayers answered. An influencer drives the brands message to their followers, overall engaging with a smaller more curated market. Many brands hire large influencers to work on campaigns and drive the product on to the social feeds of thousands by using their platforms and their voice. These types of collaborations are expensive and can cost the brand big bucks.


Instagrammers and bloggers with huge followings (75k+) are raking in the green; it’s still a very new industry but it’s growing at a rapid pace. Many bloggers turned influencers have been able to grow their following and grow their engagement so much that they can charge enough to pay bills and even buy homes for their families - Lets just say that it really does pay to have a very large following and an engaged audience.


Don’t have a large following? Don’t throw in the towel yet! You don’t need to have 100k followers to offer value to a brand and be looked at as a great influencer to partner with. Have you heard the term “micro influencer”!? What is a micro influencer you ask? Well, unlike traditional influencers they have a smaller audience that have a very engaged following. A micro influencer has a hyper engaged audience and generates high volume comments and messages. They typically have anywhere from 10k-75k. One benefit of being a more focused micro influencer is you have the ability to share your content in a specific vertical. Meaning you can really focus in on your niche. If you’re a motherhood account you really jump into all things motherhood. If you’re a beauty account you focus on all things beauty and you most likely wouldn’t ever post about a fitness supplement because it’s not your bucket. Make sense?


I’m asked from time to time if I feel that micro influencers have a leg up on bigger influencers?! I’d have to say, yes they do! They can share the brand or product in a way that is true to their voice versus being told what to post. Creating your own caption, sharing the product the way you want to share it and organically curating your overall feed, and the vibe for your account and how you want to be known is pretty powerful. Overall, you have more freedom in this fast paced digital media world where being an influencer has become a job. If you jumped into this world from a 9-5 job, chances are you didn’t do it so you could be told what to do and how to post by brands. Right?


Just remember that if you are sharing sponsored content you should space it out. Make sure to sprinkle in some real pieces of life to keep your followers with you and remind them why they hit follow in the first place. If every other post is an ad, people are going to stop believing you. Be authentic and take on collaborations and work with brands that you truly believe in so they will be organic. Don’t just work with a brand because they offer you bookoo bucks. If you do that, sooner or later you’re audience will see through you and stop following along. Separate yourself and create ways to stand out from the rest of the accounts that are just like you in your space. There’s enough room for everyone, you just need to carve out an area for yourself. You got this, now go make it happen!


Do you want help to solidify your messaging and influencer vibe? Are you a brand that wants to work with quality influencers but just needs a little help on how to attract the right types? Send an email, can’t wait to help!

Hannah Wallner