#MadRadRollCall an Interview Series Debut

How did you get started? Who or what inspires you most? Pizza or Tacos?!

You asked and we are answering. We are beyond excited to finally be debuting the first (and hopefully not last) #MadRadRollCall, a fun series of interviews with entrepreneurs and bad ass boss babes that inspire what we do here at Mad Rad Media. We hope this series leaves you just as inspired as we are…

To start things off we are interviewing the one and only Hannah Wallner, CEO and Boss Babe of Mad Rad Media!

Before MRM was officially launched, Hannah was working full-time in digital media and PR. With frequent referral and consultation requests and a desire to be her own boss, in June 2017 she hit the ground running and Mad Rad Media was open for business.

What did you do before you started Mad Rad Media?

Oh goodness, we don’t have enough time to go over all of my favorite jobs but I can tell you about the one that taught me the most - I was hired Summer of 2013 as an intern at the adidas corporate office in Portland, OR and 2 weeks into my time there my boss left and her assistant was promoted. They offered me a LTD tole “Limited Time Duration” role in marketing focusing on the Graphic Tee line. I could not believe how much responsibility I was given in such a short period of time like picking the seasonal colors for all the graphic tee’s and art that was printed on them. I pitched an influencer collaboration to the VP of marketing. I learned so much about working with a big team, being able to push past red tape in the corporate world. How to move around obstacles, deadlines and being able to come up with fresh marketing ideas. I was able to get some very new and exciting things going in the woman’s tee space and loved every second of it.

What is your role in your company?

Owner and Head Hustler - I can never seem to take my entrepreneur hat off.

Favorite service you offer at Mad Rad Media?

It's so tough to pick one but if I must - Influencer Campaigns! When a brand approaches me with a new product launch or an ask to spread awareness and highlight something specific my eyes light up. The ability to brainstorm fun ways to connect with customers digitally is so cool. In today's world customers are looking to their phones and favorite content creators to see what they are wearing, linking and posting about. It's always thrilled me that I can be a human behind all of that marketing and getting the buzz going. I LOVE it!

Random fun fact about you?

I can drive a manual transmisson and think everyone should know how to drive one. When I was 16 my first car was a manual and I freaked. I was so scared to learn but it was one of the coolest things to learn to do. I will for sure make my kids learn to drive a 5 speed no questions asked!!

What is one piece of advice you can give to someone starting as a content creator or on the marketing side of social media?

Just Start! I know that it can be extremely overwhelming with all of the competition out there but the truth is that YOU have your own take and voice and should share it. Try hard to put your blinders on and move forward with your content and how you want to share it with your audience. That would be my advice, just get started.. NOW!

Feeling inspired? Want more inspo or help getting your next project off the ground?! You can follow along with Hannah at @madradmedia and on her personal page @rubymakesthree!

Hannah Wallner