Alt Oasis x Mad Rad Media

It’s hard to believe that it has already been one month since we left the desert and the ever inspiring Altitude Summit! 2019 has been a big year for Mad Rad Media so far, landing more dream clients, creating rad campaigns, and our first ever speaking engagement. It only seems right to share a bit about the big trip, presentation and overall thoughts on Alt Summit. So here is a quick Q&A with Hannah, the founder of Mad Rad Media and lots of jaw-dropping and drool-worthy images by the talented group of photographers that shot the week-long conference! 

What is Alt Summit?

The short answer would be that it's a conference dedicated to creative entrepreneurs and social media influencers. - After attending 2 years in a row now I'd like to say that Alt Summit is like a rad summer camp for humans in the creative digital space. So much inspiration, so many good vibes and so much networking! As if anyone needs an excuse to go soak up the sun and Palm Springs vibes - amiright? 


How was Mad Rad Media at Alt this year? 

We actually did a panel on pitching and negotiation called PITCH IT REAL GOOD!! I know - it sounds insanely fun (and scary) I had a mic in my hand and sat on stage with 2 other creatives in the field and the audience at it up. I felt ecstatic that what we said was helpful for people and their business. 


Why is teaching people how to pitch so important? 

If you don't come from a PR background you most likely don't even know what a Pitch is and a few years ago I didn't even know. I want to change that! If you're a creative or business trying to thrive in this digital space you need to stand out whether that be pitching brands to work with them on sponsored content and earn money or pitching publications and other outlets that could help spread awareness and grow your brand. That is why I created the PITCH IT REAL GOOD course and wanted to share it with the fantastic attendees at Alt! 


What is the biggest takeaway from Alt Summit 2019? 

It was a tad different this year with a new layout, longer schedule, 4 hotels - it was a LOT! I was so impressed with Alt during my first year (2018) that it felt hard to top it this year. After marinating on everything and having a few weeks to really process it I'm actually very pleased with my growth and the connection I've had from Alt 2019. It may have been way different and not what I expected but looking back it was still a success in my eyes. 


Will you go back to Alt summit next year, 2020? 

Wow - 2020 sounds SO far away but YES!! Given the business I'm in, I'd be a fool not to head to the sunshine and network. It really is so important to grow my business. So until next year, we can continue to connect digitally but I hope to shake your hand, toast a drink and swap cards with you in person next year! 



“This was my first Alt and I had no expectations of what I was going to learn. Holy moly did Hannah and her fellow presenters give me everything I didn't even know I needed and MORE! As I'm building my brand I'll be reaching out to potential sponsors/brand collaborators and now I know that I've got the best tools to get me to those goals. The only thing better would be putting Mad Rad Media in my back pocket! Thank you SO MUCH, Hannah!” -@designwaitress

“Hannah had a clear understanding of the industry and a clear vigor to fight for the clients she represents. It was evident that working with Hannah would result in higher dollar and longer time frame commitments with brand sponsors. I genuinely appreciated the detailed examples and application element of presentation.” -@BiteSizedFitness

“The talk was super helpful in terms of understanding all sides of the influencer relationship, contracts, and services involved. The energy and transparency of the panel was refreshing.” -@StefanieBalesFineArt

“The advice and steps given in the talk were extremely helpful! I really had no idea what went into pitching a brand and each one of you gave really good examples. The process was laid out step by step and very simply. It made it seem less intimidating!” -@daniazizzz

Hannah Wallner