#MadRadRollCall 04: An Interview with Navy Patten

If you love color and positivity then you'll love the one and only, @navypatten. I've had the immense pleasure to work with Navy a couple of times and it's always such an enjoyable experience. As someone who has managed many campaigns and worked with hundreds of content creators, I wanted to highlight this one because she is so professional and ALWAYS gives 110%. Without further ado, let's jump into this fun interview where you are bound to learn so much about this sweet mama, Navy!


I LOVE that you have a pink couch in your home. How did you get your husband on board for so much color in your home/life? 

Ahhh thank you!! I love it too! I thank my lucky stars every day that my hubby is down for just about anything! Even a pink couch! He wanted comfy + I wanted pink so we compromised!

What is your absolute perfect day, start to finish? 

Eeeek! A perfect day from start to finish for me would be to wake up early, work out and after that drink a delicious smoothie while sitting on the porch and listening to a podcast. Get ready for the day and take my kids to do something fun if it has anything to do with water or the beach, we’re there! After all that fun I’d take a candle lit bubble bath with a big bowl of ice cream and then after that cuddle with my handsome and binge watch Santa Clarita Diet!

What is something that your online audience doesn’t know about you?

Ooo!! This is a good one! Lemme think… I got it! I’m a total adrenaline junky, Who woulda thought, right?! I may be extremely girly but I defiantly love a little adrenaline whether its riding four wheelers and going as fast as I can, snowboarding or roller blading, I love it all! I love a good adventure and don’t have a problem with getting dirty but I will be the one in all pink camping, hiking, etc!

What entrepreneurial hacks have you developed to stay focused and productive in your day-to-day as a busy mama and business owner?

#1. Time Blocking! #1 hack of all hacks! I get so much done when I time block! I time block everything, cleaning, playing with my kids, emails, blog posts, anything you can think of I time block. This helps me get more done + also enjoy the time blocks when I want to just focus on my kids and leave my phone behind. Time blocking is super easy and makes you efficient at whatever task you need to do! For instance, I time block my emails, I get as many emails done in 30 minutes and I set a timer on my phone. When the 30 minutes is up I move on to my next task. During the day from 10-12, I time block quality time for my kids. I leave my phone at home while we go to the park, I don’t answer phone calls unless its an emergency from my husband, I completely focus on them. My Siri alarm is my best friend. One of my favorite time blocking tricks is with cleaning the house, I set an alarm for 20 minutes before my husband gets home from work and I clean the house (or the main level) as fast as I can so it looks perfect when he walks in the door. He thinks I’ve cleaned all day and is happy to walk into a clean house + little does he know we went on play dates, painted crafts and did all the fun things except cleaned. It’s amazing what you get done when you have a timer on! I even time block engaging on Instagram. 20 minutes timer and go engage with my followers and other women and accounts I love. It keeps me focused and keeps me from wasting time! #2 Focus music. Totally a game changer. May sound weird but having focus music on while I’m working keeps me focused and gets stuff done fast!

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How many content photoshoots do you do a week/month?

I plan at least 1 a week. Usually on Saturday mornings! It seems like lately I’ve been doing more through out the week since Utah weather is so unpredictable!

Any tips for getting “the shot” when planning your content and scheduling shoots?

Check the weather, know what time is best for you to get the perfect shot! I like natural light but I also don’t like it too sunny so I usually shoot early in the morning or around 5 pm when the sun is starting to go down. I also LOVE shooting on over cast days! Tip #2 Bring LOTS OF TREATS + have fun! We sing songs while taking pics and it makes it more fun and makes my shoots more lively!

What does influence mean to you?

Influence means to me the ability to persuade or change the perception of something or someone. Being an influencer I feel like I have so much power to share goodness and inspire! To influence people to be kind, try new things and use better products. I love being an influence through motherhood, motherhood is hard but I think a lot of the hard is your perception of it all!

Do you pitch for yourself for brand partnerships, if so how much time do you put into a new pitch to a brand? How do you decide what to say / what not to say?

Yes I pitch for a lot of my partnerships. Depending on what I’m presenting them with I take anywhere from 10 minutes to an 45 minutes. If I really want to work with the brand I do my research and find specific things I like about the brand or what makes them unique! I think it helps me stand out from generic emails they may get already!

When did you realize that you should start charging for content creation/partnerships?

I started charging when I decided to buy a camera and make this my job! I first started charging when I hit 5k and thought it was awesome I was making $50 a post! Now I’m making more money than I ever thought possible through a little app and I’m so thankful that I get to provide for my family and make money from this hobby of mine!

What is one thing you don’t love about being a content creator? Give us the dirt. 

Oh mannnnn!! The dirt. Doing this job it feels like there’s never a good balance with family time and work time. For instance, with my husbands job he gets to clock out when he’s done and doesn’t have to think about it again until he goes back the next day. With this job it’s a constant battle for balance and trying to remember to clock out and focus just on my family. It feels like my mind is always thinking of the next thing to better my business, the next blog post, the next holiday. You honestly could never stop working there’s always something you could be doing!

What would you be doing right now if you weren’t here?

In all honesty I would probably be doing just about the same thing I do now (just on my phone and computer a heck of a lot less), maybe just a little more crafts and another baby! Haha! But for real, I started this because I loved taking pictures, all things holidays and sharing my favorite things. As for another baby, this job keeps my so busy!!!! If this platform was gone tomorrow I would have so much more time on my hands!

If you could offer one piece of advice to anyone in the content creator space what would it be?

Be YOU + do YOU! Be authentically you! Focus on your success and bettering your brand! It is so hard not to get sucked into the comparison game but gosh it’s no good for anyone! There’s always going to be someone with more followers and getting more paid collabs, etc, but I promise you the happiness comes from focusing on your own success and being happy for other peoples success too! Their success doesn’t take away from you!

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Hannah Wallner