#MadRadRollCall 05: An Interview with Miranda Anderson

From leading shibori workshops, to writing a blog, starting a Podcast, and now releasing her first book, “More Than Enough”, Miranda Anderson is currently owning the creative space. She is such an inspiring individual and if you have had the pleasure to meet her in person you know just how refreshing she is to be around. After attending one of her shibori workshops myself and later finding out she was releasing her first book, I knew I had to get her to sit down and talk shop.

You are so darn creative - where do you find your inspiration? Does anyone specific inspire you? 

Thank you! I believe we are all so creative, and can find inspiration everywhere. I grew up as a free spirit—I naturally think outside the boundaries of rules or guidelines, so putting things together in new ways felt normal. I love nature, and feel very inspired by natural colors, designs, patterns, and shapes. I find myself lost in wonder when I’m under the stars or hiking on a trail. Some creative people who inspire me are: Bri from DesignLoveFest who just creates the most styled beautiful images, Mary Oliver poetry that makes me feel deeply, I love Justina Blakeney’s unique and bohemian style from The Jungalow.

When did you start in this digital space and how have you pivoted since you started?

I started a blog in 2007. It was a journal for a few years, then became a place to share creative ideas and projects. Around 2014 I pivoted into blogging as a carreer and started working with sponsors on curated content. In 2019 I slowed down my sponsored content to focus on writing and publishing my book, More Than Enough. I see the future of my business more as an author/speaker/podcaster and coach, than as a traditional blogger.

As a mom who is also raising children in this age of consumerism and technology, your mantra “less stuff, more adventure” and now the message behind your new book “More Than Enough” are both so inspiring. What changes have you seen in your family/children since you embarked on your minimalism journey?

Our family culture is fundamentally different since we began our experiment with practical minimalism. We are all able to not only say but also know, understand, and truly believe that experiences and relationships make a long lasting positive experience on our lives. The deception of “More Stuff=Happiness” is no longer an issue. My kids are great at holding things lightly, and we practice regularly donating and organizing our things, in addition to not buying things we don’t 1. Love 2. Need and 3. Feel will make an impact for good in our life.  

We all are excited about spending time together traveling and adventuring, and my kids know that comes by choosing it and foregoing some of the random other purchases we may have been drawn to in the past.

What are some things you can never ever get rid of? Do you store those things? Are you sentimental about anything tangible? 

Honestly, I don’t think there are any things that I could never get rid of. After years of learning to disassociate emotions from physical belongings, I love my stuff, but I could take or leave it all. The things I would have the hardest time with would be photographs, videos, and journals. Things that feel like true family memories. 

What is one piece of advice or encouragement you can give to someone who is struggling with taking the leap to living a more minimalist approach to life?

Give yourself a set time limit (1 week? 1 month?) and just get started! As with everything else in life, the only way to REALLY learn is through experience. All of the feelings you want in your life are available to you now, and when you eliminate more of the unnecessary, that joy is more readily and sustainabley accessed. 

To contintue to be inspired by Miranda you can follow her here @livefreemiranda! And don’t forget to check out her new book More Than Enough!

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