FUN THINGS: Get to know Hannah, the founder of MRM!

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It’s ME - Hannah!! I just had a birthday and damnit something about the age 33 feels really exciting. To celebrate I wanted to do a fun little Q&A. Let’s get to it. ⚡️

  • ALWAYS IN MY BAG: Some form of chapstick or lip goodness

  • SONG LAST PLAYED ON YOUR SPOTIFY: Ja Rule + Ashanti - Always on time!!

  • MY FAVORITE LATE NIGHT SNACK: Popcorn with chocolate covered raisins - movie night essentials

  • MY GUILTY PLEASURE: It shouldn’t be guilty but I’m obsessed with going to get mani/pedi’s

  • BIGGIEST FEAR: Failure. I know that it takes “failures” to learn and grow but I’m so concerned about doing everything “correctly” that I get derailed or hung up at times. For example: I use to own a tee shirt line and invested big money in it. When it didn’t work out I was so ashamed when I should have been so proud of taking the risk and trying it

  • ONE THING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: I have a tad OCD on showering, I shower 1-2x a day, usually 2

  • WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS? I’m good at it. I’ve always had a hard time being micromanaged, so I feel like this is the perfect spot for me. Also the flexibility and freedom to pivot in business and truly curate my own career without any rules is my jam.

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