A Work Space that Inspires Creativity

A workspace can be so many things to so many different people. Maybe you work from your living room, or set up shop at the dining room table. Others may have a designated room set up as a home office. Whatever that space may look like for you, it should inspire your creativity and motivate you to get to work each day.

Creating a workspace that inspires you can be as simple as surrounding yourself with your favorite items such as a funky notepad to scribble notes while on calls, your favorite mug filled with your favorite drink (cold brew, over ice please!), or even a scented candle that keeps you focused. Below I am sharing my 4 best tips to curating a workspace that inspires you daily:

  1. Clear the clutter! Sometimes it is so hard to stay focused when there is so much “stuff” surrounding you. Clear off your workspace and keep only the essentials nearby.

  2. Use items that you love in or on your desk! There is no need to go out and buy a bunch of office supplies. Shop your home, grab that vase you picked up at Target and add it to your desk. If you are looking to add some fun and inspiring supplies, my favorite source is Ban.do!

  3. Plants - so many plants, I’m not sure when I became a plant lady but having all the greenery in my office is calming and I feel chic, ha.

  4. Make the space feel like YOU! When I first laid eyes on the SPECKLE wallpaper from Chasing Paper I knew I needed to have it debuted in my home. It made me so happy and it was so on brand for Mad Rad Media. It livened up the white walls and helped to turn the entire space into a fun and inspiring creative sanctuary.




Hannah WallnerComment