People do not buy goods or services.

They buy relationships, stories and magic.

And we're gonna help you make that magic.

From brands looking for the most effective influencers and the other way around, to digital content creation and consultations - we are a full service digital marketing studio offering our version of traditional PR.

Take a look at our services below to see our most popular offerings.

We know that every brand has different needs and goals. So we can price your project most accurately, shoot us a note:

1-on-1 consulting calls

Are you lacking the modern take on social you want for your brand? Does your brand already have someone running your social but you need a refresh and some direction to get you moving in the right direction?

We can set up a call to learn more about your challenges and where you’re trying to go. We will provide you with the #behindthescenes knowledge which will get you completely set-up and ready to take charge of your accounts.  Prior to the meeting our team of professionals will review your current social media efforts. We will come prepared with recommendations to help you properly leverage each one of your online properties. 

This call is all about you and your brand. We’re here to put your worries at ease by answering all of your burning questions. You can chose the topic and focus of the consultation call, after you will be sent a recap detailing notes from our discussion and action items to launch you forward. 

influencer campaigns + blogger OUTREACH

To truly roll with the times and understand how the ever-changing PR landscape is evolving, you have to get skin in the influencer marketing game and work with influencers. We organize blogger campaigns that put your product in the hands of the right type of influencer, targeted to your brand. We set everything up and you get to sit back and watch it unfold digitally. 
We handle start to finish campaign creation by working with the designated influencer to guarantee proper messaging, photo inspiration, posting parameters and delivery of the product (if applicable.) We will be completely transparent as we collaborate with both you and the infuencer to execute the campaign within the given timeline. You will also receive a round-up of the campaign posts so you can see them all in once place! 


Are you an influencer that wants to do more collaboration that is curated organically vs. large-scale campaigns? If you’d like a little assistance to make sure you’re reaching out in the best way we can help with a custom consultation similar to the one-on-one consulting calls above. 


We want to help those who don't understand the world of social media and how influencer marketing is changing the game. It's the holy grail for Public Relations in today's world and we want to drive people's businesses to be successful with this useful service/tool. 

Our end goal is to provide new creative concepts for your brand imagery, curate a seamless digital media strategy and assist in executing your posting strategy. 
We can start with a one-on-one consulting call to learn about your goals on social and branding. From there we can jump into content creation, digital media strategy and set you up with a content calendar so you can have the game plan and confidence to make your digital mark. 

creative production:
still + motion

Do you ever wonder how those brands + instagram accounts you love always have great posts and receive amazing engagement? 

Two Words: Original Content -- It takes planning and knowing what’s on the horizon for your brand to be prepared with ready to share content. 

We’re connected to a talented network of photographers and videographers who can make your content dreams come to life. From Flay-lay production to full production shoots we can handle everything from casting, location scouting, hair & make-up, wardrobe, and props. 

Need an additional service you don’t see listed here? Drop us a line - we have lots of friends in this space that would be happy to help and join forces! And let’s be real who doesn’t love a referral!?